Glass Edgework Bevelling Extra Fabrication Other Notes
Pricing can be complicated. To avoid giving your customer an incorrect price, give us a call, fax or email. We will be happy to quickly give you an accurate quote.
Discounts: Your multiple is applied to all "Suggested Retail Prices." Our quotes to you are always "Net Price", with discount applied. No further calculation is needed.
Patterns: Our crystal ball is often foggy. So make sure your patterns are what you want. If your pattern has dings or wavy edges, your glass may come out the same way.
Delivery dates: We always do our best to help you meet your deadlines. Yet sometimes the glass doesn't cooperate. We appreciate your understanding when this happens.
When it isn't right: We will ask for the exact description of the error. Only in this way can we find and correct the problem. For example, "the cutout is 3" to the left of where I wanted it." We can then go back and look at the original order and figure out how the error was made.
Any product over 50 sq. feet is subject to unavoidable manufacturing imperfections, including, but not lilmited to, seeds, scratches, and waviness. Therefore, glass and mirror over 50 square feet per item is sold "AS-IS" without warranty. Special order products and other custom products are sold "as is" and must be paid in full at delivery unless otherwise agreed.